ABOUT us - Black Bore Techno label

techno records label

Black Bore is an Italian record label that collaborates with DJs and producers who love Techno music in the same way, with the same passion and musical art


Black Bore was founded in 2017 by DJ and music producer Alex Endo in collaboration with DJs and emerging artists of Techno music in Rome.


Black Bore is constantly looking for emerging Techno music producer artists who mirror the characteristics of Black Bore sounds with their music to take them to the next level.

our Techno

our techno genre ranges from Dark Techno - melodic Techno - acid Techno, sound characteristics with deep bass electric sounds and dark atmosphere, minimum 127 bpm range.

our covers

Black Bore's Techno covers express the label's style, rigorous dark and vary from landscapes to strange simple or complex figures are assigned based on the sound of the track or artist.