Techno Labels Accepting Demos

  Beatport Techno labels  looking for artists - dj producers

Send your Techno demos to Black Bore

How To Submit Techno Demo ?

you can submit your techno music to Black Bore here
if you need  Soundcloud private link, send

After I submit my music what wait ?

  • your Techno music will be listened by our A&R and proposed to Bore staff if it satisfies Techno style and if there are not copyright problems

I have sent the demo  but I have no reply ?

  • because of the great techno demos flow the answer varies from 2 days up to a week

I received recording contract ?

  • if you are a Techno artist who has already released with other labels, know how it works, if you are a new artist read the contract, sign and return within the deadline days

I pay expenses ?

  • NO,  the artist never pays expenses, it's all supported by Black Bore, no expenses are ever charged to you

After signing the contract I can promote on social networks ?

  • YES, you can promote Techno music on social media by publishing snippets of max 2 minutes, NEVER full track

This is my first Techno release, how open my account ?

  • no problems, Black Bore opens all your  artist pages account on digital stores, Beatport - Traxsource - Junodownload - Spotify - Apple music - Shazam etc ....

I need support managing my artist pages ?

  • enter on the section support artists , login, and search for the solution to your problems, you can also contact us for any problem here

How do i know the status of my Techno music ?

  • performance of your Techno you can see it by requesting to Black Bore, it will send you the stats of your can request after 4 weeks from the release date of your ep - here