Black Bore  announces a new competition open to all techno producers

We are trying to open the door of opportunity to fresh, talented and innovative producers and give them the chance to a possible official release on Black Bore Records.

We want something original: everything that fits into our techno style

The winners of the contest, selected by the Black Bore staff, will officially release the single or ep on all major digital stores, Furthermore, you will receive royalties from your music and you will start building a long-term musical relationship with our label.also there will be promos to DJs and radio.

Accepted styles:   only T E C H N O

Deadline: September 30, 2021

Spread the word by sharing the news with your fellow producers. 

Note: We will listen to all voices very carefully no one is excluded, your tracks will be uploaded to our            INSIDE TECHNO playlist on Soundcloud .

The techno producers can only submit completely finished tracks, we do not accept snippets or unfinished works, unfinished works will not be published.

The tracks must be ORIGINAL MIX not copied or inserted vocals or music motifs protected by copyright.
fill in all the fields required to upload your Techno demos

The producers can keep track of the daily ranking of the contest through our TECHNO INSIDE playlist
the winners will be notified via email with the sending of the record contract.

winner will also be determined by the plays and likes received for the track, so you can repost to get your friends to vote.the final judgment is decided by Black Bore Staff.

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  Second Place Winner Official t-shirt Techno Black Bore 


High quality - Wav file  16 bit  sample rate :44100

MASTER  track

All tracks have to be named properly, for example, Artist - Title (Original Mix)

submit only full-length and fully finished tracks.

look the ranking



    submit your techno demo here